Thermal Transcarpathia

Price from: 695 grn
Duration: 2 days / 1 night
Start: 08.00

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  1. Lviv
  2. Chynadiyevo
  3. Mukachevo
  4. village Kosyno
  5. Uzhgorod
  6. village Lumshory
  7. Lviv

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CAUTION: Away 05/07/2016 and 05/08/2016 valid price 645 UAH. (On the road to 05.07.2016 and after 05.09.2016 valid price 545 UAH.).

Thermal Transcarpathia – a Weekend Tour

After exhausting workdays, to go on a weekend or a holiday relax-tour to Transcarpathia, to thermal springs of Kosyno and Lumshory is a real joy for body and soul.

Day 1:
Departure from Lviv. Our first destination is Chynadievo. A formidable warden – the St. Miklos Castle, guards it since the ancient times. But don’t judge it by its looks – the fortress’s second name is the Castle of Love. It was here that Ilona Zrinyi met with Count Imre Thokoly.
In the afternoon, we will come to Mukachevo. Here, in the “Riviera” Restaurant, you may taste dishes of the traditional cuisine of Lemkivshchyna.
After that, our journey will take us to Kosyno. There, in an oak forest, is the “Thermal Springs of Kosyno” Recreational Complex. You can relax bathing in thermal pools, visit sauna and enjoy other health and beauty procedures.
Volcanic hills of Beregovo are a region with especially good wines, fragrant and rich in flavour. We will spend the night in beautiful cottages for green tourism in Beregovo District.

Day 2:
We will start our second day with a tour of Uzhhorod, a visit to the Uzhhorod Castle and a walk in the central part of the city. Uzhhorod – always on the shifting borders of different countries – is a city, where modern and old architecture live side by side, where the Uzh River carries its waters between the banks adorned with chestnut and linden alleys. Here the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life is situated. When visiting it, you’ll have a feeling of going back to the past, when our ancestors still kept to their traditional ways.
In the afternoon, we will have more water procedures: bathing in large cauldrons in the Lumshory Spa Resort at the foot of the biggest polonyna (alpine meadow) in the Ukrainian Carpathians – Runa. This procedure is not only pleasant; it gives considerable health benefits: the prophylactics of many diseases of the locomotor system.
After such recreation, full of vivid impressions we come back after this Weekend Tour to Lviv.    


Price includes:

Price includes:
• Comfortable rented bus
• Lodging
• Tour guide services
• Tour services in museums
• Insurance

Additional charges:

Additional charges:
• Entrance fees in museums
• Meals
• Degustation of wine and mead
Ticket prices:
• The Saint-Miklosh Castle: voluntary donation
• Kosyno Thermal Pool: adults - ₴ 240-270, children up to 150 cm high - ₴ 150, people older than 60 - ₴ 150, children up to 120 cm high – free, locker rent - ₴ 25
• Tour with wine degustation: ₴ 45/person; tour without degustation: ₴ 25/person
• Visit to the famous restaurant “Detsa u Notaria”: adults - ₴ 5, children up to 120 cm high – free
• The Uzhhorod Castle: adults - ₴ 25, students - ₴ 15, children – 10
• Cauldron bath in Lumshory: adults - ₴ 75, children under 12 - ₴ 50


Comfortable cottages for green tourism in Beregovo District


₴ 40-65
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